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Solar PV & Energy Storage


A solar system on a roof top.

Our experience includes large-scale design-build Solar PV projects, battery energy storage, EV charging, and microgrid systems that reduce building operational costs. We excel at proving value engineering and best management practices through all stages of construction.

Through consulting, design, engineering, procurement, or a full design-build, we can take a blank rooftop, lot or piece of land and commission a full PV system that meets your needs. Enjoy full design-build and EPC services for your commercial and utility-scale solar projects.

Full Design-Build &

EPC Services

EIG can provide you with preconstruction consulting and design assistance, acting as a full turnkey contractor early in the construction process. Along with the ability to complete projects as a sub or prime contractor, and can manage large procurement items.

We integrate our vast knowledge of solar PV systems with our electrical contracting experience to support our customers in meeting their cost targets while maintaining our high standards of quality and schedule.

Solar PV Systems

Key Benefits

With a net-zero goal in mind, our team will work to provide a combination of solutions that increase building efficiency while refusing to sacrifice existing aesthetics.

Technology Agnostic

EIG uses technology that best fits your project's needs. We design to your specifications and are not beholden to any manufacturer or technology.

Solar Design and Preconstruction Consulting

Contact Us for assistance in your commercial and utility scale energy needs.

Safety as a Value

Safety is the key indicator for success on all of our projects, and we demonstrate this with a 2017 EMR of 0.41.

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