Service Work

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Service Work

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Our electrical construction service work encompasses a comprehensive range of solutions, including design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. Utilizing advanced Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) techniques, we ensure seamless project execution, efficient field installations, and prefabrication processes. Our team's expertise and dedication guarantee top-notch service that meets the needs of all our clients. From commercial to industrial projects, we deliver excellence in electrical construction services, ensuring safe, reliable, and energy-efficient electrical systems for our clients' facilities.

How Can We

Service You?

Facility Modifications and Additions
  • Panel fabrication and Service/Panel upgrade
Service Work
  • Lighting services including LED retrofits and energy assessments
  • Parking/street lighting services
New Construction
  • Temporary Power
  • Generator & ATS
Preventative Maintenance
  • Thermographic imaging services
  • Generator/ATS and UPS Load bank testing / set-up
  • Breaker testing
  • Ground assurance
  • Load bank
  • Healthcare tier 1 and 2
After Hour Emergencies
  • Emergency electrical services

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